small scale incinerator

– Burners: Can you supply the name of manufacturer? Made in Italy?
according CE standard? (incinerateur,small scale incinerator,crematorium china)
– The material and thickness of the shell (cover).
– Refractory Materials in the chambers?
– The PLC of what manufacturer (Siemens, Mitshubishi, …)?
– Can you introduces addition detail for technology?
– See the color of smoke in outlet?
– Can you send me the copy of certificates (ISO, CE or FDA) for EcoGreen?
– The gas emission standard of EcoGreen after completed?
– Can you supply somes hospital names if good maintenance?
– You can commit EcoGreen can operate stably within 05 years?
– Can you compare the quality and technology of your incinerator with
– And I’m afraid about the durability of the incinerator, burners?
– First, we want to buy 01 complete system with additional
options as follows:
+ Included: Dry & Wet Scrubber
+ Chimney: 10m, material SUS304
+ Oil tank + tube, oil filter and valve
1.We are interested in the above incinerators, can you send me the
technical brochures asap.
2.What is needed for the installation of this equipment?
3.How many pieces can be loaded in a 20ft and 40ft container.
4. We need them to operate on diesel oil.
5. Destination: Freetown Sierra Leone.
6.How long will it take you to make delivery to MAERSK LINE
from date of payment.