small medical waste incinerator

Dual Chamber (Primary & Secondary) with insulation slabs (fully insulated internal refractory lining) along with controlled air blower for each chamber

Insulation / Refractory Thickness: ≥ 100mm

Chamber plate thickness: ≥ 6mm

Fuel Type: Natural gas based on burning fuel in combustion chambers

Waste Capacity: ≈ 150 Kg/Day

Incineration capacity: ≈ 25 Kg/Day (Separate waste charging and waste removal doors)

Burners: At least with (02) burners of automated start and stop functions

Combustion efficiency: > 97%

Temperature: programmable temperature with temp monitoring system

Residence time: 2 second in secondary chamber

Heating value: 4000 Kcal

Temperature Range: ≈ min 800oC to max 1200oC

Electrical supply: 220V with single phase

Chimney Plate Thickness: ≥ 5mm

Water scrubber: Scrubbing using reagent like lime & should made of SS 10 gauge of non-corrosion properties and painted exteriorly by equipment grade heat resistive enamel

Chimney Height: between 15-25 feet

Alarm: alarm to warn the operator if temperature drops in secondary chamber

Water Pump: at least 1.5HP sustainable with high pressure of at least 70 PSI or more than this