pet incinerator for sale

Right now our environmental laws detail the attached maximum contaminant levels in the gas emissions; could you please review the incineration code attached and see it your equipment meets this standards please?Kindly send us brochures with specifications with prices for Hospital, Hazardous Waste Incinerators for Municipal Waste, medical waste incinerator,pet incinerator for sale,animal crematorium equipment. I would appreciate if you could send us the brochures by DHL or any other courier.
While reviewing your website, we need following Laboratory incinerator , we would like to request you please provide the bottom price for the following with Make, Origin and Model and Delivery and the second thing is do your company offer incinerator training in maintenance, repairs, installation and operation to the government of Liberia so they can have advance technology training or skills to prepare for future invention or if your company can link the government of Liberia through the National Public Health Institute of Liberia we will be Glade. hope to hear from you soon

Laboratory Incinerator for Solid Water

Capacity : 20kg / day

Gas and Electric Operated

Please quote for me a 50kg/hr clinical waste incinerator , oil fired.I am dealing with two kinds of

incinerators in Liberia, which are the addfield and inciner8 incinerators with fire burners max 15,max25 and max4.I represent a company in Greece, and i would like to know the price and
the specifications for the smallest animal incinerator you have.

We are starting a business of providing a incineration services, hospitals, Labs, textile industry, pesticides, chemical, paint, pharmaceutical waste. We would be dealing in about 10-12 tons of waste per day for which we find the subject unit more appropriate. We would like to order 2 of these units. Attached are the environmental emission standards required to meet.