pet cremation services

I am doing an environmental research about the municipal waste in Panama city. I found some incinerators from Clover Incinerator and I think they are perfect for my research but I have a question and pet cremation services,animal incinerators for sale,animal incinerator china, it is if the incinerator can have a waste sluice additional to it?
1.A two chamber high temperature incinerator for burning hazardous wastes.
a.As a guess I think we would be looking at burning somewhere in the order of 50kg per day of primarily oil filters and oily rags but will contain some oily sludge/waste oil, medical waste, thinners, paint sludge etc. However it would be good to do it in larger batches so do not have to turn on every day.
b.We will not be burning general plastics, cardboard paper etc in this unit.
2.Diesel is available on site as a fuel supply for the incinerator;
3.Temperature in the first chamber ranges from 800-1,050oC;
4.Temperature in the first chamber ranges from 1,000-1,200oC;
5.The minimum retention time in the second chamber is 2 seconds;
6.Equipped with temperature probes and data loggers which will enable temperatures in areas of interest such as the primary combustor, secondary chamber to be recorded;
7.Equipped with sampling ports to enable discharge monitoring of air emissions if required;
I am thinking of more of a batch incinerator that would handle in the order of 50-100kg/batch.
After installing of four incinerators that are your manufacturing here in Rwanda, and after having found that these machines require occasionally spare parts, I would like ask you if you can give me the representation of your products here in Rwanda. I can do the marketing of your products in hospitals or elsewhere.