pet cremation equipment

we are looking for incinerator can using to our field which is cheese and milk , the quantity of expired foods approximate 1.5 Ton per month , and the incinerator shall be simple in operation no need to training or spare parts . we are contacting you for supply and construction of incinerators to our client government of uganda eastfarica.we are a company from Romania dealing with waste incineration and we need a waste incinerator for medical, hospital, industrial and animal wastes with the following characteristics:
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– continuous feeding
– secondary heating chamber
– flue filtering battery
– automatic ash removal
– waste incineration capacity of 2000 kg-3000 kg/hour
-work on gas

I am interested in your product Pet Crematorium Equipment,please send me more details:what is your delivery time, and asking price?
we are making business plan for starting a pet cremation business in Serbia and we would like to receive your offer for necessary equipment.

We have an enquiry for the supply and installation of Medical Waste Incinerator with following specification:
Purpose :For disposal of waste material of hospital.
* FDA/CE/MHLW Approved.
* Gas operated.
* Thermostat control.
* Hospital waste disposal.
* Automatic controls.
Capcity: 100 kg / hours
* Ash removal.
* Continuous loading.
Rating/Capacity of Eqpt: 220VAC, 50 Hz.
Type : Ground support.
Type : Trolley Mounted
All the accessories req for complete functioning of whole
system would be provided by the firm and should be compatible
with the system.