pet cremation equipment prices

1. Fuel Consumptions (oil) – Max 40 kgs per hour (UN specs) / 31-59 kgs per hour (Nanjing clover) – I think this is okay but we need only brief descriptions on how it works (example: 50% waste load @ 31 kgs per hour of fuel oil). If you can reduce the fuel consumption much better

2. Max. Heat Value – 340,000 Kcal per hour (UN specs.) / 590,000 Kcal per hour (Nanjing clover) – Please specify if it is a combination of two chamber, the primary & secondary? If they can reduced this heating value.

3. Please the Smoke parameters in excel sheet that I have been attached. The smoke parameters they are sending was for 25°C @ 1 barometric pressure, please double check the data in 2nd column for 0°C @ 1 barometric pressure.

4. Incinerators shall be equipped with temperature recording devices which will keep a continuous record of the temperatures in areas of interest such as the primary combustor, the air pollution control equipment, and the exhaust stack. An audible and visible alarm shall be installed to warn the operator when the secondary temperature drops to below the required temperature.

Kindly suggest a suitable Incinerator for Incineration of oil, garbage incinerator,pet cremation equipment prices,3 kg per hour-incinerator, plastic hazardous waste, sludge waste, hazardous filters etc.

Also advise if same Incinerator is also capable of Incineration of medical waste.