pet cremation costs

First of all we are now have fund to install large incinerator,pet cremation costs,animal incinerater,hog insinerators, to one of the biggest veterinary hospital in KSA so if you will support us with one unit (large incinerator) and environmental with onsite training , the capacity for the unit is 2000 Kg for cattle , horses and farm animals also suitable to all animal waste types , we need it diesel fired .
We are one of the environmental service provider handling all types of hazardous and non hazardous wastes, chemicals and medical wastes. We would like to install an industrial multi waste incinerator (solid/liquid)with a capacity of 315 KG/HOUR SOLID WASTE/ OR 200 LITRES/HOUR LIQUID WASTE (with dual chamber system).
The first chamber temperature: 870 Deg C- 900 Deg C
The Second chamber Temperature: 1000 Deg C- 1200 Deg C
waste type : HEALTH CARE WASTE
Waste calorific value : 4000KCAL/KG
Moisture Content : 10-25%
Nominal Capacity : 50Kg/Hour batch load
Secondary Chamber : 2 Seconds @ 850degrees C
The primary combustion chamber must ensure minimum exit temperature is not less than 850 degrees C.
50kg/hour at a nominal calorific value of 4,000 kcal/kg and an average bulk density of 120kg/MCubed for general waste and 160kg/MCubed for health care waste.