municipal waste incinerator

I am looking into buying an incinerator for our World Mate Emergency Hospital in Battambang, Cambodia. The shipping port will be in municipal waste incinerator, medical waste incinerator for sale,pet incinerator prices

Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I would like to know the price for these two model: Model YZ-50 Model YZ-100 Model YZ-150 Incinerator Model YD-50

Model YD-100 Model YD-150 Incinerator Is it smokeless? How much will it cost for each model? Shipping and clearance cost? Warranty?

Space needed to built? Construction specification? Life Span/Durability?
Please provide a proposal for the supply of an incinerator with the capacity to burn approximately 100 lbs / hour and/or capacity of 12 cubic feet.Want to buy small incinerator for injection needle and syringe burning for a small eye care hospital. I have an incinerator house and would need parts to automate the burning process. setting up a pet cremation business here in wales in the uk.Could you please send me some information on your pet cremators. ‘d like to ask you about a power plant by burning waste. We have many of camps for displaced people in Syria, and we want to buy a plant to generate electricity by municipal waste incineration.15 kg the specifications

High temperature incinerator​99% combustion efficiency Temperature up to 1200°C or Smoke and smell free Excellent heat retention

Electric powered​ Fast heatup times Temperature Up to 1200°C or as required Capacity​15 Kg Burning Efficiency 98% Noise- Capacity – from 20 to 100 kg per time.​