mobile incinerators

Burning Capacity: 400kg/ Hr ( Maximum Combustion time is 6 times/ Day)
Chimney External Diameter: not more than 400mm
Fan Power: must not exceed 1.1kw
Voltage: 220V
Oil Consumption: Must not exceed 14kg/hr
Feeding Door Width: not less than 1000x1300mm
Incineration Temparature: 800 Degree or above
CO- Must not exceed 100mg/m3
SO2- Must not exceed 400mg/m3
HF( Hydrogen Flouride)- Must not exceed 9mg/m3
NO2- Must Not exceed 500mg/m3
Smoke Dust: Must Not exceed 100mg/m3
We are from Venezuela in South America and we have a DUCK farm, we need to buy a medium size incinerator for biological waste, more specific DUCKS pet crematory,mobile incinerators,2 kgs per hour incinerator.
I am in the process of setting up a pet crematorium in ireland
could you please forward me some information on your products and
prices I do not need anything over 50kg/per hour