medical waste incinerators

Hi, I’m from Papua New Guinea. I want to buy incinerator from your company and I want you to send me the details of your product and explain me how I can make payment and how you can ship my incinerator.
Current load of infectious waste is 150 – 200 kg/hr.
Incinerator of 150 and 200 kg per hour or above capacity shall be sufficient for existing load and can cater it in single shift.
If load increases in future and gets doubled, it shall be handled in two shifts.
Wet scrubber to be used for exhaust and its drain should comply with regulations
System must be dual fired i.e. natural gas and diesel.
Heat recovery option to be taken under consideration.
Flue gas exhaust shall comply national / international environmental regulations.
1. Price in C&F. (Must mention By Air / Sea. Otherwise it would be considered as By Air.)
2. Brochures Should be attached.
3. Brand Name with Country of Manufacturing.
4. Equipment should be HL7 compatible or quote DICOM.(if applicable)
5. Standard warranty of with Parts for the period of 01 year starting from the date of installation.
6. Details of consumables / disposables of an equipment including price in C&F. (if applicable)
7. Clientele list for the quoted equipment should be attached.
8. State International Safety Standards Conformance i.e. FDA, CE etc.
9. Delivery period should be mentioned.
10. Payment terms should be mentioned.
11. Service contract price after warranty if it is deemed necessary for whole life of equipment.