medical waste incinerator price

I would also want to ask if you have a bigger capacity like 100 KG/H medical waste incineration, medical waste incinerator price,mobile incinerators if so give us the quotation.

I did get the information about the A900. Thank you very much. I have some more questions around setting up facility before the crematory arrives, I hope you don’t mind.

The size of the working area required around the A900?
The minimum roof height needed for A900?
The flue diameter?
I would like to have local contractors install the A900. Can you tell me what specialists I would need for the diesel model?

WHAT the price of TS30(PLC), TS50(PLC) AND TS(100PLC) I need to compare this so as i make decision which one to go for?
Thank you for the information you sent last week re A600 cremator. If I read the information correctly the maximum load at one time is 30kg in the A600 meaning a medium to large dog probably wouldn’t be suitable. This makes me wonder if the A900 might be a better option. The fact that the A600 can be fitted into a shipping container is great and I’m hoping we could do the same with the A900.
Please note that our client asked for a machine that has top load facility but our machine has a side loading..can you please send me an email explaining the advantages of having a side they want to refuse paying me because of that..

Hello from Mongolia. We are interested to purchase Incinerator for laboratory (1000C). Please advise us suitable product and send quotation. I would be operating a cremator once a day, with a combined animal weight of 100 – 150kg.

Could you please advise which cremator would suit my needs? Also do you have cremators that do not require electricity to run?