medical waste incinerator manufacturer

2. Door lock – automatic means the incinerator cannot be fired unless the door is locked i.e. no combustion with the door open.

3. Ejector – is for for cooling the gases that leave through the chimney. Without ejector does that mean the gases leave at the incinerator in very warm temperatures i.e. there is no cooling of the gases before exit? In the Incinerator Process Principle the Blower is shown as the cooler for the Primary/Secondary Combustion Chambers as well as for the Chimney.

1. The height of the chimney above ground is to be 10m. The two brochures indicate a height of 8m. Kindly change for the two brochures to indicate a total of 10m abouve the ground.
2. Automatic door – what would such a door cost to install? Kindly give us a figure so that we can see if we should include it in the bid for the tender.
3. Ejector – also same as 2. Automatic door.
2 Oil burner with their accessories of installation (oil hoses, fuel mixer, electrical cables, etc.)
1 Incinerator control Case
2 Temperature thermocouple (sensors of temperature) with electrical cables of connection.
1 oil tank of 100 liters
10 meters thermal gasket
1 Blower

The questionnaires I have attached to this mail from the incinerating, medical waste incinerator manufacturer,china incinerator manufacturer tender have to be filled by you as it is also a requirement for the bid. The tender is a bit different from the last time that is why it would be better if we could have the answers all again.
The specifications for the 50-60kg/h incinerator as per tender the external dimensions 1.2 x 2.2m (WxD). This implies for the incinerator TS50(PLC). Kindly clarify on this issue.
The 100-120kg/h incinerator – again here we need documents and quotation as we did till now we had no quotation for such an incinerator.
Note the 100-120kg/h incinerator requires an oil tank of 500l.
We require new manufacturer’s authorization letters with the current Tender Reg. numbers and dates.
2x Brochures required for both incinerators but as indicated a softcopy is allowed see Chapter 3. Technical Specifications d). Kindly see the attached requirements which I have marked in red.
We require original brochures for the (Italy) Oil/Gas Burner (Very important).