medical incinerator manufacturers

1. We will pay 50% during command with agreed specifications and 50% at installation by you technicians. This is to equitably share any risk.
2. I advice you used packages that do not need fumigation certificate but if our port request any fumigation certificate before import, then we will pay here at our expense.
3. Penalty: If any of the parties counsel a transaction any payment already made will be reimbursed and the defaulter will pay a penalty relative to any agreed rate (we have to agree a rate).
4.We will like your technicians to do the installation and on site training for 10 days in Cameroon,
a. we agree to take care of their flight to and from, lodging, food, transport etc as specified in your commercial conditions and no 200 usd dolas/person/day or
b. 200 us dolas/person/day, we pay their flight to and from plus transport here while they take care of their lodging and food
5.We suggest 1 year guarantee(from date of installation) for the equipment and parts in stock while 3 years guarantee that we might send people for related training at your site.
1. Your company documents and certifications (pg 6) are in Chines language. is it possible to have any or some in English or french?
2.Can you confirm this specification for that equipment, ie volumetric mass 50kg/M3 as required by client
2. Can you confirm this specification for that equipment, ie Calculated Average waste lower caloric power of 3500kcal/kg as required by client,incineration process,medical incinerator manufacturers,china medical incinerators
3. Will advice you add a forth column to the tested result you send to me to include WHO pollutants standards.
4. we read in a web site you had supplied WHO and UNICEF, we advice you send us copies each of the commands.
We are a Maltese Company operating in North Africa. One of our clients has asked us to supply a diesel fired medical waste incinerator with a capacity of 300Kg/hr. to be installed at a waste disposal site away from populated areas. Kindly send us your best price and delivery to C+F Tripoli, Libya basis including full technical specifications.