large animal incinerators

start with Solid waste (Domestic, Hospital ,General)
Incineration-500Ton per Day
Need By products energy, gas, and compost
No pollution, Smoke, Sound, Smell
Waste to be segregated
During the manufacturing and after packing, we generates some waste like, chicken bones, some fried products, vegetable waste, biscuits,

chocolates (Paste), Plastics, foils, packaging materials, etc. We normally separate the organic waste to make compost. The restout need

disposal. At present, we send it to landfill site. But We want to install an incinerator for such waste. The approx quantity is about 4

ton per incinerator that can be used both for medical waste as well as pet disposal.
Else I am looking for a containerised medical waste incinerator for variable weights of 20 kg to 200 kg.
He is going to buy equipment for incinerator stations around the country. He will start in Tashkent and then expand to other centers. I

have seen the information that you sent on the YD-50 and YD-600 units. He is concerned that he should buy the right sized equipment and

possibly have two different sizes at each station in case there are days when the waste is not enough to use a big incinerator.

Perhaps before we make a decision on the purchases, you could give us your recommendations. Tashkent is a city of 3 million people, with

another 2.3 million in the surrounding areas. There are around 2,000 medical organizations in this area. What would be your

recommendation for incinerators in a typical city of this size? Please would you send us all details on what you recommend including the

CIP, Tashkent price.