incinerators animal

we need a quotation and qualification about 2 incinerators, pets cremation,small incinerator for sale, incinerators animal, one for burning medical pollutants and expired medicines (50-100 kg per each burn), and other for food plastic bugs (100-150 kg per burn).an option of an incinerator for use in disposing medical and other industrial waste. Ideally it should have a capacity of 100 – 150 kg/hr, should have double chamber and pollution control mechanisms, and automatic feeding (if possible). Model YD-200.burning capacity 20kg/hr furl type diesel operational teprature 950-1320 Centigrade have a temperature monitring. i am bio medical engineering, in yemen , i have medical company in yemen , i want know more of your information and catalog of yz-20 & yz-50 products.Gas and Deisal Fuel Operated 50 to 100 Kgs Hospital waste burning Capacity. Pl; Quote with Standard Accessories and all technical related broaches and Catalogues.waste incinerator oil Fired for our 600 Man Camp capable of burning various types of waste including meat waste and clinic waste dual chamber combustion.Incinerator has a temperature monitoring system in place

Wet scrubber capable of removing sulpur dioxide in the fumes

Water capacity of 2000l or more

Incinerator temeprature above 950 degree celsius

Incinerator used a dual chamber system for incinerator

Capacity per hour at least 25kg

Protective shed provide protection to the incinerator against animals and the climate

Ø It should be portable unit

Ø chicken waste: feather, skin, legs, head and other chicken related waste parts

Ø capacity: each shop slaughter nearly 100 to 250 chicken waste per day

Ø incineration: each model to be either electric or fuel

Ø we need to know operational cost; electric/fuel

Ø detailed about smell, smoke, end waste and emmission etc

Capacity of the Incinerator Medical waste 50 kg/hr. batch feeding (low degree caloric value: 4,000 5,000kcal/kg)