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Medical waste incinerator capacity 20kg/hr, pet crematorium,medical incinerators,incinerator sales,using light diesel, comustion chamber capacity 0.13m3, fuel consumption 5kg/hour, operating temperature 950-1320 degree Celsius, with a 0.5seconds secondary gas retention chamber as made or equal approved.1000 litre double walled diesel fuel tank on stand complete with safety cover, outlet and all accessories.

Incinerator type- 0.25-1.0(t/h) Rotary Kiln for waste processing. 1 no

Adaptability to incineration: Solid waste ,liquid,

colloid, and gas can be incinerated simultaneously .

Applicabale material – sludge waste, oily sludge,

industrial waste, PVC material, municipal waste, and so on.

Operating temperature- primary 750c/secondary 1050c fuel type- heavy oil

Electricity -400V/50Hz or 220v/2phase

Expansion mode-Linear free expansion at both ends
Supply of Mobile incinerator in Container or any alternative (30-40 kg/h), GAS
incinerator of 750kg/hour capacity for solid wastes oil burnt or gas burnt.

We are a company here in Iraq and asked to install an incinerator for medical waste with these specifications: 1-Capacity of 200-300 kg /hr. 2-The emitted gas should be odorless and non-smoke and must be approved by world health organization (WHO) 3-the produced ash also must be harmless 4- The fuel for running the system must be LPG. Please send me catalogues and more details and specification about the system then your quotation and the way of payment without transportation. We required hazourdous chemical waste incinerator with capacity of 500 kg/ ton. The temperature in first chamber 800-900 degree celsius and in second chamber 1200 degree celsius.