incineration of solid waste

Incinerator for hospital waste management with the following features:

? In high temperatures (pyrolytic incinerator two chambers with temperatures ranging from 950 o C to 1320 o C;

? Ability to destruction of 400 to 600kg per hour, incineration of solid waste,animal crematory bid,hog incinerators;

? Capable of destroying microorganisms;

? Drain ash;

? Drain needle and glass crusher;

? Porch with tap water for hand washing and decontamination;

? Observe the issue of environmental quality standards, emissions fluent and regulation on the issue of waste;

Will need information on the control system, burners, blowers and any
other information you may have. Also need operating and maintenance
information so as to get a better understanding of your system.

We are located in Canada. Power supply 60 cycle (hz) single phase or 3
phase. We will use natural gas for support fuel. The gas will will have
an average heating value of 1000 BTU per cubic foot (37 MJ/m3).