incineration combustion chamber

1/ Thecost of one YD-20C incinerator.
2/ Incinerator consist of 2 chamber to significant reduction in emission, temperature range of 800C – 1000C, reduce waste of 90% – 97%.
3/ Be diesel fuelled and need no more than 15amp220 – 250V powre. KW consumption pre hour should be stated.
4/ Incinerator should have an on-board or inbuilt fuel tank and should use no more than 12 liters of diesel per hour.
5/ The Length, Width and Heigth of the incinerator, cremation for dogs,animal incinerators china,incineration combustion chamber.
6/ Weight of one YD-20C incinerator in kilogram.
7/ Cost of shipment to Papua New Guinea to Papua New Guinea seaport of Lae, Morobe Province.
8/ Duration of shipment or Estimate Time of Arrival in Papua New Guinea.
9/ Cost of parts (burner and blower) landing in Papua New Guinea.
10/ Please email photo/image and information detail of YD-20C incinerator for the buyer.
Type of Waste : Eggs/ Egg shells/ unhatched eggs/ dead chicks & other wastes.
Compatability : Animal & Poultry waste.
Capacity : 100 kgs per hour.
Units Required : 1 unit.
Furnace type : Wood-fired & Coal Fired, Double Chambered.
Max. Operating Temp : 850 – 1200 deg C.