hospital incinerator manufacturer

We want to establishing a new waste incineration plant In Skopje, Macedonia, that will be strictly taking care of the hazardous medical waste in the country. The annual capacity of the incinerator has to be at least around 2500 tons.

We are more interested in the rotary kiln incinerator,
laboratory incinerator,animal incinerator china, hospital incinerator manufacturer, technology, but we are also open to look into the static incinerators as well.
The incinerator should be able to burn at a temperature of 1650C or higher -this particular requirement was given as a suggestion by our local consults, they feel that because we are dealing with hazardous medical waste the temperature has to be higher, but please feel free to give us a different suggestions and ideas on this part.high capacity incinerators particularly with AUTO FEED FOR WASTE;AUTO EJECT FOR ASH; burn rate 500 kgs per hour; type of waste – plastics,food waste,oil rags,basically all wastes from offshore exploration.
1. All types of chemicals substances (Biocides) that utilized for Oil operation sites (water base Drilling, oil operating facilities for the corrosion and others: The examples of the biocides are “WS-36, HAI-85M, SODA ASH, DSMA, MICRO MATRIX, CALCIUM CARBONATE FINE, BARAKLEAN, GILSONITE, MIXED WASTE SOIL CHEMICALS, ZINC CARBONATE, CAUSTIC SODA, ENVIROTHIN, BARAZAN D,..etc) as well as the substances are liquid and solid.

2. In regards to the quantity of burning the waste, it could be 200 – 500 kg per hour.

3. Our Operational time can be in Day and can be at night.

4. Can you please give me the cost of unit operated with Diesel and Gas.

5. The installation of such unit will be in the remote area in the desert which there is no planet, people.the incinerator requirements from 50 Kg/hr to 100 Kg/hr and the electrical supply to 3 phase 415 V.