ecological incinerator

Material will range from wet marijuana plants 3 to 4 feet tall to drug contraband and medical biomaterials? Batches will range from 100 to 200k per, 1/2 times a day while harvesting, in the area of 2/3 times per week(7 day wk). Options for various fuels, electric, gas, diesel? Can you supply Utility rates per type per hr. Electrics available 3ph 60hz 600volts We need a dual chamber for all Canadian rules and regulations for Combustion, Air Pollution Control and Monitoring Requirements for Biomedical Waste Incinerators in the Province of Ontario and CCME Canada Wide Standard for Waste Incinerators and Stack Testing Requirements. We need a complete CEMS Continuous Emissions Monitoring System as well as a Data storage and reporting system for regulatory audit purposes etc? for measuring parameters such as but not limited to CO, O2, NOx, Plus Particulate matter etc and stack testing requirements. Gas retention should be in the range of 2 seconds Budgetary pricing for each of the items above as well as spare parts, these are incinerator Specification of Incinerator,portable incinerator,3 kg per hour-incinerator,ecological incinerator

1 Incinerator 30 =KG burn/h and it must have a Scrubber.

2 Incinerator must have Electrical Plastic Shredder for cutting of glass bottle,surange of Medicine.

3 Incinerator must have Electrical Auto Clave or Microwave for Dis Infection separately with incinerator.
4 Incinerator must have Double Chambers first Chamber must gave 800C temperature and secondary Chamber working 1200C temperature.
5 Incinerator in out place must have a Parameter to show inner temperature of incinerator.
6 Incinerator must work in two systems Electric and fuel describe in which kind of fuel works.
Note we want it works on diesel fuel and electric also.