dual chamber incinerator

I am a consultant working with various firms in the middle east (in particular Dubai) which require small incineration units for their medical waste, hospital waste incineration,2 kgs per hour incinerator,dual chamber incinerator (primarily coming from hospitals). I have a range of clients with a variety of needs, hence, I am interested to know more about the price of your medical waste incinerators.
Capacity: 50 kg/h, fuel option LPG.
What is the consuption of fuel / liter or m3?
Would you tell me your incinerator first and secondary chamber temperature?
-client 1 Nohelia: incinerator in the best technology and an approximate capacity of 2000 ton / year. Possibly an incineration capacity of 200 kg / hr and a calorific value of 7500 kcal / kg. Industrial and domestical waste.
-client 2 Tuzoofari: waste incinerator for animal flesh. sick or not, 50 to 100 kg hr.
-all,Diesel.110/220 volts, 60 Hz only, not quote other voltage.
Must meet all the stringent environmental requirements of the world, to send information.
volume and weight,