double chamber incinerator

We are looking into options for medical waste incineration for Kabul, Afghanistan. (This is part of a USAID funded project).

There is in the order of 10-15 tonnes per day of medical waste generated in Kabul that is currently not being treated. It is difficult to know how much of this might be disposed of via this incineration project, but for budgetary purposes we assume about half of that capacity would be adequate.
We are a company based in Gujarat, India working for Green energy resources.

In our area and vicinity there are few municipal garbage waste dumping site. We are facing lot of difficulty like foul smell, emmissions of toxic gases and CO2 gases. Since we believe in green energy we wish to convert this waste into power.

On this context to convert municipal waste to power we happened to visit a plant in Delhi , India where they are handling and burning the wastes to produce power. We saw the process and came to know that the plant was supplied from China.

Since most of the municipal corporations in India have got various dumping yards it will not be ideal to install a central disposal unit and therefore small plants of this type will be suitable.

In case we are offering complete project on municipal waste disposal and solid waste incinerator,double chamber incinerator,animal cremation burners, power generation, please send us a detailed offer for the minimum capacity plant possible.

Please note that this effort is to establish such plants across the country and promote green resources as well as healthy living.