disposal of hazardous waste

I have an information about your Incinerator Model YD-500. And we are thinking that 500 kg / hour capacity is good for us. For to be sure about the incinerator I want to ask you to send your quotation sheet for this model incinerator with complete information.
Our company have chosen by The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan for building and exploating an incineration plant of medical waste here in our country. The plant should serve the city with 5 million population. there many hospitals and clinics here in Taskent.

Animal waste incinerator x2pcs

Load Capacity minimum: 1500 kg
Burner fuel type: Diesel
Burner fuel rate max.: 20-25 Liter diesel/ per hour
Burners minimum: 3
Burning rate minimum: 200-300kg/per hour
Furnace bar area minimum: 2 м3
Fuel tank capacity minimum: 300L
Main chamber burning temperature min. 1100 0C
Afterburner chamber burning temperature min. 1300 0C
Power supply 220V
Incinerator items and electrical appliances should be weather proof
and humidity resistant within the range of 30-90 %
Incinerator should be compliant to the environmental protection rules
in accordance to national legislation
Maximum dimensions – Length – 5m, width – 3.5m, height – 5m