clinical waste incinerator

we are planning to start a central thermal treatment station in the city of Khartoum (9 million inhabitants) we started with two units of autoclave that treat up to 18 tons a day so far, and looking forward to add an incineration plant/s to serve for medical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste, clinical waste incinerator,incinerator sales,animal crematory bid.
More over the company thinks about energy recovery and pyrolysis
We are the only facility of its kind in the area of Chwele offering high quality and professional medical care for the local people that are really in a poor medical condition and in desperate need of medical care.

We strive for a sustainable development therefore we are adopting a sustainable medical waste management system, which includes building a modern sustainable incinerator that will not only cater for our facility but also for the other facilities in the larger area of the region. We are aware that we need a modern incinerator that will not burden the local people or the local environment even more. There are several different types of incinerators available (especially recommended to be built with local materials), which are cheap to build but are more harmful to people and environment.

As a community based organisation we constantly lack financial help therefore we would like to ask you to help us with your know-how, expertise or any other type of help with building the incinerator.
We are working on construction of five slaughterhouse in Afghanistan in ministry of agriculture. Each plant has capacity of 100 cattle and 500 sheep per day.