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I’m from Georgia. my company makes import of medical installations. i want to distribute it in georgia. i want to buy Medical Waste Incineration Systems. i’m interested to destroy about 200 kg remains. our main aim is to dispose expired medicines, such as expired medicines from different pharmaceutical industries and pharmacies. I hope that you do well understood about those waste. Moreover, controlling pollutions during the disposals.the details for how to make a complete structure of INCINERATOR from these parts. please if you can send detailed video and picture tutorial for making a complete structure of INCINERATOR because here no one knows how to prepare a complete structure of INCINERATOR to use. the video and picture should be precise about preparing structure of INCINERATOR
Kindly assist with full quotation for the following incinerator models. We have put up the following spreadsheet and wish to know the cost of the incinerators noted, inclusive of installation costs as well as shipping and deliver time to Lusaka, Zambia, what it operates on. In addition to training/maintenance costs;

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· 50kg per hour

· Option for medical waste.

The units will be used for our client camps in the field. These Camps range in manning size from 20 – 200 people. Each site has a medical clinic,
Chamber Double

Burning Rate 10 kg per hour (for two incinerators)

Burning Rate 20 kg per hour (for three incinerators)

Loading Method Manual

No of Burners Single for 10 kg/hour and Double for 20 kg per hour

Fuel Diesel and Natural Gas

Warm Up Time Not more than 20 minutes

Temperature controller Digital

Power Supply Single Phase 220V

Chimney Height 20 feet from ground level

Wet and Dry Scrubbers Optional