china incinerator manufacturer and exporter

specializes in ecology and waste treatment. We are planning to open a new facility that will treat the waste from the chemical plants in Russia. We are interested in rotary kiln incinerator for organochlorine waste (1000-1500 kg/hour) with the energy recovery system. If you produce such incinerators, can you please send me your business offer with your current prices. If your incinerators produce less capacity, garbage incineration,pet cremation incinerators,china incinerator manufacturer and exporter, we can take into consideration to purchase 2-3 incinerators to meet our demands.
We require incinerator small to medium waste dispossal for about 150-200 municipal waste from shopping mall, office and residential.

The waste most consist of vary materials plastics, rubber, paper, grass, leaves, woods, fruits, packaging carton, and many others.