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We are looking to start a pet cremation business in Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia, animal incinerator, medical waste incinerators manufacturers,china incinerator exporter and were wondering if you could please provide us with some information and quotes on your pet cremator/incinerator’s. We are looking to cremate pets up to the size of a large dog.
Every month during the summer, we have approximately 100L of contaminate paint that we would need to get rid of.

So I would like to buy an incinerator that can burn a liquid base paint or dry paint.

Here are some information about the paint that we would like to burn: Alkyd ( oil base ), Latex ( water base ) and Epoxy

a customer want incinerator 80-100kg animal waste, lpg, 220 volts 3 phase 60 hz or 110 volts/60 hz, CFR Veracruz Mexico by manzanillo mexico
I got your contact from a partner. I am interested on your incinerator solution. I would like to receive some extra information about gas treatment:

– What are the filters you use? How frequently we would need to change them?

– Do you have any test about your product is safe and does not produce toxic gases?

– Do you add any additional product to control the dangerous component? Addition of lime, ammoniac….

– We are receiving information about the waste we need to process in CBM. Hoy can we now which is the model we need to purchase since your incinerators are cataloged by weight (Kg)?

· Which product do you offer, only incinerator or also compactor, shredder machine, any other equipment related to waste treatment ?

· For the incinerator, can you propose (and of so please send us specs and price) incinerator for 25 kg/hr, 50 Kg / hr, 100 kg / hr, 200 kg / hr ? what is your minimum and maximum size available ?

· As we are not so experience in incineration process, can you tell us which type of waste can go into the incinerator and still respecting international environmental regulation ?

· Do you equipped your incinerator with filters ? if so which one and they are following which standard ?

· Can you supply exhaust pipe from incinerator to the roof, and then whirly bird to avoid the rain water to go into the pipe ?

· When we install an incinerator within a building, what are the distance to observe between equipment and wall and roof (as we need to supply also the building to house the incinerator )

· Do supply different type of energy used incinerator (gas one, electrical one, etc…) ?

· Are you able to advise on the spare to buy to run it for a full year (as we will need to operate it so we need to forecast the cost associated with the equipment)