animal waste incinerators

What we need is incinerator to burn 10tons for tobacco waste, with app options available in the system including scrubbing system, water filteration , pollusion(emission control system) etc to meet the local & international requirements.
incinerate 2-3 ton / day, fuel gas,
waste material: cotton, polyester, various fabrics, rubber, porcelain, wood.
energy for Ecuador
Two years before we had purchased one incinerator from you.

We are medical equipment company based in dubai, we have an enquiry for an incinerator to burn tobacco waste dust from a tobacco processing company in jabel ali dubai. Their daily waste dust is around 1tom(10,000kgs). They we send it to incinerator packed in a bag of 300kgs each. They work seven days a week, means 70ton(70,000kgs) per week. attached are the picture of dust they want to burn.

They are asking us to know, if we can supply such an incinerator with pollution control system(to meet local requirements in regards to spoke discharge etc), scrub & other functions required. Either diesel operated or gas operated.

I am starting a pet cremation company in South Australia and would like any information available about cremation units based on internal floor size.
Do you have a pet cremation unit with internal floor measurments from 1300mm*1300mm upto 1500mm*1500mm?
If no, what would be close to those specifications?
Would it be possible to have any relevant pictures and specifications of every unit you think would suit my request?
How much (Australian or U.S. dollars) does the cremation unit cost?
what is included – cremation unit, shipping, cremation tools ect.?
Most importantly do your cremation units compliant with the Australian EPA requirements?