animal incinerator for sale

We are having serious concern in expanding our operation in Agricultures, especially in Breeding Livestock section, which involves Pig Production as well.Our vision is to develop herd of 500,000 marketed pigs within 5 years, which supplied 1,000,000 porkers to the market yearly.
We concern how to handling with pig’s placenta and mortality from newborn pig, from piglets to weaner, from weaner to finisher (Pig Carcass Waste) . I find out that your company is a supplier which specialized in incinerator for Pig Farm so I am writing to request you consultant us what incinerator is suitable with our Pig Farms.
About the general idea, Hoa Phat would like to build 1250 Nucleus Farms (including Weaners, Gilts, Replacement) and 6000 Finisher hospital waste incinerator,animal incinerator for sale,animal incinerater Farms.

At our calculated, for 1 farm 1250 sows we have:
100 placentas per day (1 placenta weight ~ 200-300g)
6 newborn pigs dead per day (1 newborn weight ~ 1,5kg)
8,4 piglets dead per day (1 piglet weight ~ 3kg)
2,6 weaner dead per day (1 weaner weight ~ 20kg)
We will need 15ml flexible tubes with the same diameter as the tube of chimney, and 2 or 3 with 90 elbow.
The function is the incinerator will be installed in the room of the hospital, and in case the chimney can’t be take out vertically. Also we will need a hat for the tube, for the same reason, that the incinerator will be take out horizontally. This tube should be connected same as the original tube which is connected with the chimney.
we are interested in purchasing an incinerator for food waste and polythene waste management. as per our requirements we would like the YD 15C small incinerator.