animal incinerator cost

In the process of developing a project, we came across an issue, which is the estimate cost of incinerators plants (capable to destroy chlorinated in an environmental friendly way – please provide cost estimate/price range of incinerator plant).

Now we are in the elaboration stage of the project, animal incinerators,incinerator burners,animal incinerator cost, so this is just a consultation and by the time of issuing the tender, your company will be formally invited.

Some questions related to the quotation are the following:

1. What kind of waste is to be burned?

2. In which country the incinerators have to be installed?

3. What about the amount of waste to be burnt per hour/day/week or per cycle?

1. Ozone depleting Substances (chlorinated gas, CFC-11/12, HCFC-22 and similar mixtures), POPs (Polychlorierte Biphenyle mainly). Temperature of over 1200C is required.

2. Ukraine , Belarus and Kazakhstan.

3. 150 MT of POPs (PCB) 210 MT of ODS for 3 countries in 2 years. Therefore it would be good to know the connection between price and capacity. (starting from 1 t/day for X USD till 10.000 t/day for XXXXUSD)

I have tender with military hospital in Sudan for that can you give me the price of TS100 incinerator for 100 kg /h. If you can also send the invoice and certificate and catalogue and also you can give to me the final outlet smoke measurement .
Please give us a quotation for a Containerised Incinerator with a burning rate of 120kg per hour.

With descriptions in your offer, I can feel, you are telling it burns 10tons in 24hours, but we do not work 24hours, we work 8 to 10hrs, so what to do, don’t u have any system which bursn 10ton waste in 10hours of our clients duty timings?

Please let me know, what all the pre-instalations (site preperations required from our side, we will put it in an open area, do you want us to built a shed for your system, what dimensions & design?, I believ, from our side, you need only water line, electrical line & drain line, do you need anything more?

How about removing ash from the incinerator? You didn’t mention anything about it?? Do you have any video of loading dust, burning process & removing ash? Even if youtube link is also ok.