animal cremation equipment prices

I am interested in your product Family Pet Cremation, Please send me more details: Cremation equipment. Price and models.
We are engaged In Pharmaceuticals formulations and API business,

Needed Rotary kiln incinerator(RKI) ( solid + liquid waste) or any guaranteed full system for our below waste,

Capacity :- 400 kg/hr ( 300 solids +100 Liquid)

Nature of waste :dog cremation urns,animal incinerator prices,animal cremation equipment prices

Solids:-Date expired pharma formulation products ( Tablets/blisters/vials/injections/Casuals/API Powder/bottles/Filter aids /syrup

bottles/online rejected capsules/tablets/API batch/Vials/Injections etc.)

Liquids :- Water containing solvent/syrup/veterinary products/injectable product.( Bottles/carboy/tin/drum)

Pack size (s)- 5 kg poly begs contains all solids /vials and or 2 feet by 4 feet corrugated box contains all above mix solids with

packaging materials /vials ..etc)

I would like to inquire about your animal cremator packages.

Are your cremation chambers safe and smokeless?
May I get a price list of your chambers?
LPG Incinerator for medical and paper waste, length 25 metres, width 1.1 metres, height 4.1 metres

20Kg per hour burning rate