animal cremation equipment prices

1 Incinerator 30 =KG? burn /h and it must have a Scrubber.???
2 Incinerator must have Electrical Plastic Shredder for cutting of glass bottle, surange of Medicine.

3 Incinerator,pet cremation service,animal cremation equipment prices,china waste incinerator, must have Electrical Auto Clave or Microwave for Dis Infection separately with incinerator.
4 Incinerator must have Double Chambers first Chamber must give from 800up to1000C temperature. And secondary Chamber working from1000C up to1200C temperature.
5 Incinerator in out place must have a Parameter or somethinf? to show inner temperature of incinerator.
6 Incinerator must work in two systems Electric and Diesel fuel.
Note we want it works on diesel fuel and electric also.
7 the last one it must have one year warranty.
capacity = 50kg/hr to 75kg/hr to burn medical disposal waste such as used syringers, gloves. gauze, urine bags surgical gowns caps, mask etc. The price should be based on C & F Benghazi. Please let us know that how many liters of diesel is required to burn? or how many cubic metric of gas is burnt?