3 kg incinerator,encenerator

As the slaughtered pigs are consumed by more than 90% (from hooves to
head, blood, etc) the waste volume is quite small even in
slaughter-points with up to 100 slaughtered pigs per day.

Although the use of meat and bone meal is not prohibited in Vietnam the
small volumes of waste do not seem to justify the installation of a
rendering unit, not even of a batch cooker, so incineration seems to be
the best option.

I would like to receive more technical details e.g. fuel consumption for
incinerating 100/200 kg of animal products per day and also the FOB
price of the unit pet cremation cost,3 kg incinerator,encenerator.
I am looking for a solid food waste incinerator which shall have the following features
1) Food waste grinder /masher. The waste shall include food waste and also minimum amount of plastics etc.
2) Food waste dewatering or like spinner /hyrocyclone
3) Incinerator.(The burner fuel shall be either diesel or kerosene)
All these assembled in a compact unit.
On assumption the food waste feed shall be 20kg/hour as a base case.
The unit is planned to be installed in Restaurants or Resorts, so it shall be heavy duty type. The unit shall be automatic except for

minimum manual handling and less maintenance.

The power supply shall be 230VAC. If any pneumatic actuators used , the unit shall be having its own air compressor.